What is Long-Term Care Planning?

what is long term care planning

So, something has you wondering about long-term care. I understand. Who does not know someone who has lost their ability to remain 100% independent and then struggle to pay for certain services so they can preserve their assets and keep their dignity? You hope that it doesn’t happen to you but you realize it might… […]

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Long-Term Care Insurance Guide: All You Need to Know!

Long-Term care Guide

Buyer’s remorse!  There’s nothing worse than making a purchase then regretting it!  So, what you need is a long-term care insurance guide to avoid long-term care insurance buying mistakes! The first mistake would be not working with a qualified long-term care insurance professional who has options for you.  Thinking about buying long These kinds of […]

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Do I Need A Hybrid Long Term Care Policy?

After researching the costs of long-term care insurance and noticing the high premiums you may have come across the term “hybrid long term care insurance policy,” and wondered to yourself, “Do I Need A Hybrid Long Term Care Policy?” Generally, long-term care insurance protection can be purchased in two ways: Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance: A […]

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Can Moving Assets help in Qualifying for Medicaid Long Term Care Coverage?

Moving Assets to help in Qualifying for Medicaid Long Term Care Coverage?

Yes, it is entirely possible to remove assets from an estate to help in qualifying for Medicaid long term care coverage.   If you give your assets away today you may be able to have Medicaid pay for your long-term care services in the future. Qualifying for Medicaid long term care this way may sound simple, […]

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