The Power Of Knowing The Value of Your Business!

As a business owner, your enterprise is likely one of your largest assets. Knowing the value of your business is critical to proper business planning and achieving personal financial goals. Through our valuation process powered by BizEquity, my team and I at Decision Tree Financial can help answer the questions that will lead you to make better decisions for your future.

Why Should Need to Have a BUSINESS VALUATION?

  • To Help you understand Your Business and its potential.
  • To know the value of your largest asset in order to properly plan for your Retirement.
  • In order to ensure that your business and your family are Properly Protected.
  • To Plan for the future of your business with a qualified Succession Plan.
  • When you plan to Buy a business.
  • When you plan to Sell your business.
  • During formation of Buy/Sell Agreements with business partners.
  • When considering Funding Opportunities.
  • When building a Trust or creating an Estate Plan.
  • To Prepare for Taxable Events such as gifting or grants.

What Does a Business Valuation from Decision Tree Financial Give You?

When analyzing your business, we provide you with four distinct and useful estimates of value:

  • Asset Value
  • Equity Value
  • Enterprise Value
  • Liquidation Value

In addition, we will provide you with as many as 30 performance related metrics including:

  • Return on Equity
  • Receivables Conversion
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Fixed Asset Turnover
  • Debt-to-Equity
  • Interest Coverage
  • Cash-to-Debt
  • Income-to-Revenue
  • Cash Flow-to-Revenue
  • Receivables-to-Income
  • Inventory-to-Income
  • Fixed Assets-to-Income
  • Total Debt-to-Income

We use Big Data to compare your performance to that of businesses similar to yours and let you know if you are:

  • Outperforming Your Industry
  • Meeting Your Industry Average or
  • Under performing Your Industry

Decision Tree Financial provides a 27-page report to you and discusses its findings and our recommendations.

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