I believe that life is too short to worry about circumstances that are beyond our control.  Successfully building and maintaining wealth doesn’t come from the purchase of a particular financial product or an investment strategy that promises to “beat the market” every year that inevitably fails to meet expectations.

Instead, I believe financial success comes from being confident about the comprehensive strategy you utilize for yourself. Utilizing a system that it is simple, efficient, effective and easy to manage allows you to continually move towards your goals and make better financial decisions easier.

The Decision Tree Financial Wealth Performance and Protection System™ is designed to help you create a plan that allows you to stop worrying about money so that you can enjoy your life and concentrate on what means the most to you. It is designed to eliminate waste, increase efficiency, protect what you have created and have the flexibility to take advantage of opportunity when it presents itself or handle adversity if appears.

The Decision Tree Financial Wealth Performance and Protection System™ has six steps. They are:

Step 1 – Discover Problems and Find Opportunities

In our first meeting, we find out what is important to you.

  • Where do you feel you need help and want to improve?
  • Where do you feel you excel?
  • What do you want to achieve?

Step 2 – Collect Data

Decision Tree Financial’s WPPS™ is a comprehensive process . As is with every successful process it is necessary to know where you are starting and what you have available in order move ahead creating more simplicity and efficiency in your financial life.

We understand that each part of your financial life has the potential to work for or against you depending on how it is organized. Therefore take a snap shot of where you are by collecting your most recent financial statements. These include:

  • Statement of Income and Spending
  • Investment Statements
  • Tax Forms (Personal and Business)
  • Bank Statements
  • Estate Planning Documents (Wills, Trusts)
  • Insurance Contracts (Home, Auto, Life, Disability, Health)
  • Business Valuations
  • Benefit Statements (Pension, Social Security)

For some clients, these documents can be printed and placed into 3-ring binder. For others, gathered together they would fill-up several boxes. Regardless of the size of your snap-shot, the main point is that the more complete the information you provide, the better we are to help you put the pieces together and create efficiency and simplicity.

Step 3 – Organize in Order to Visualize and Understand

We know that many people have arrived to where they are financially because they have made decisions:

  • One at a time
  • At different times
  • With different people
  • Under different circumstances

They may have forgotten why they invested in a particular asset or purchased a financial tool in the past. Through the process of organizing, we revisit those decisions and see how they can be incorporated as efficiently as possible going forward.

Step 4 – Discuss Options, Decide Action and Implement Plan Going Forward

The purpose of the WPPS is to enhance the performance of your financial life by eliminating waste, create more simplicity and certainty without sacrificing potential.

By looking at your goals and revisiting what is important to you, we discuss the options you have going forward that help you have the life you want. Together, we co-create a plan that you understand so that moving forward, you know that you are getting maximum performance out of your financial life with the least amount of risk.

Step 5 – Achieve  

Step five is up to you. Once you know where you are financially and have a clear understand of what you are doing, it is time to live life to the fullest. Spend more time with friends and family, travel, volunteer, concentrate on building an amazing business that impacts the world.

Create the life you want knowing that your money is organized to be there when you want it.

Step 6 – Revisit and Revise As Needed

“Blessed are those that are flexible, for they won’t get bent out of shape.”

We understand that life happens and circumstances change. The goals you find important today may change completely tomorrow.

When you utilize Decision Tree Financial’s Wealth Performance and Protection System, we are confident that the experience will help you realize your full financial potential. In order to continue to deliver on that expectation, we are encourage you to revisit and revise your plan as necessary with out guidance periodically.

Revisiting the plan periodically reminds you why you implemented the strategy and helps you to be confident in the choices you made. Revising your strategy as necessary ensures that you are continuously going forward in the most efficient possible way.

Contact me now at my company, Decision Tree Financial and let my team and I help you begin a new way of understanding your wealth.