Cut Costs, Not Coverage

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Strategies for Reducing Premiums When Buying Long-Term Care Insurance 

Discover how to make long-term care insurance more affordable without compromising on coverage.

Traditional Vs. Hybrid LTC Insurance

Explore the differences between traditional and hybrid long-term care insurance policies.

Learn strategies like opting for longer elimination periods and choosing a shorter benefit period to reduce premiums.


Blue is the coldest color

An ambiguous friendship between Adele and Emma, two teenagers trying to understand their feelings for one another.

Discover the benefits of leveraging  life insurance and annuities with long-term care riders.

Find out how state partnership plans can reduce the amount of insurance needed to protect your assets.


Learn how shared care riders provide flexibility and savings for couples.


Discover real-life examples of how these strategies have saved others money on long-term care insurance.

Get practical tips for buying long-term care insurance, such as assessing your needs and shopping around for the best rates...

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