I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, accountant and insurance broker. I work with people from coast to coast as well as some ex-pats to give them vision and clarity in their financial lives.

People chose to work with me because they want someone who they can have a good time working, who has the experience to help with a variety of financial topics and can help them put all of the pieces of their financial life together so that they can make the best decisions possible that will allow them to achieve their financial and personal objectives.

As a “Macro Manager”, I bring the most value when I work with my team of experts along side my client to master areas of tax, investments, estate planning and risk management for them.

This is best accomplished when my clients take part in my Wealth Performance and Protection System™  This system takes a comprehensive approach to financial planning that allows me to identify opportunities and threats in my clients financial life so that we can work together to develop strategies that work together with all aspects of their financial life in order to achieve success.

I meet most my clients when they come to Decision Tree Financial looking for help with the following needs:

These needs can be addressed separately but are best handled when all areas are considered which is what is done in my WPPS. I have compared financial planning to building a castle in the analogy below.

Regardless if you came here as a referral from someone who knows me, after searching for information about something you need help with or after meeting me out and about, I encourage you to look around the site. Attend one of my webinars to learn more and find out if you want to hire my team to work with you.