WHO IS Kevin Wenke

I am a father of four who loves spending time with people, a great story, good music, sports, and a daily workout. 


Professionally, I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER on a mission to help hard-working people challenge the status quo, use the rules of the financial game to THEIR advantage so they can confidently position themselves for success and live happy prosperous lives…

Find Out How I Can Help You Do More With Your Money!


My Wealth Performance and Protection System™ will help you organize your financial life so that it is organized, coordinated, efficient and easy to understand. Investing, Income, Taxes, Insurance and Estate Planning to make your retirement a success!


My investing strategy puts the odds of success in your favor. You will have unlimited upside potential, never be worried you will lose more than you are comfortable with and always have money available to be “buying when everyone else is selling…


As one of the only Certified Financial Planners™ in the country licensed as a Mortgage Loan Originator, I can help you understand the BIG PICTURE when it comes to owning property so you can efficiently protect and grow your wealth. NMLS#1910000


Make sure you have the risk management strategy in place for your unique situation. As a CLU® and CFP®, my team are brokers and fiduciaries that represent you to find the right coverage, from the best company at the lowest possible overall cost. 

Wisdom Center



Tips and fresh perspectives on how to increase your investment returns, save on taxes, decrease your risk, manage debt, own the right insurance and have an overall solid financial plan!


Books & Guides 

To help you make the best decisions with your money, Decision Tree Financial has put together a library of educational books and guides designed to help you along the way.


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In person classes, webinars and presentations that are guaranteed to give you a fresh perspective on the information you will need to achieve financial success!