Freedom Comes When You Are Confident About Your Wealth?

Are you happy with your current financial situation, or do you find yourself wishing you were wealthier with more flexibility to do the things that only more money will allow you to?


Maybe you are hindered by some of the past missteps you made that set you behind or maybe you don’t believe you are very good with money; there is so much to know and so much confusing lingo it is hard to make sense of what you should be doing?


If you’ve struggled with making the right financial decisions in the past and anxious about your future, you’re not alone. Nobody wants to make a mistake that could cost them their freedom. So often times, people do what everyone else does, which isn’t always going to be the best strategy for YOU…


You may even be at the point where you believe the system is designed to favor the only ultra-wealthy, big corporations, and the government, while ordinary people like us need a stroke of luck to succeed. After all, few people truly reach the success they had hoped for so you may have just decided, “Why do anything at all?”


But here’s the truth: YOU CAN SUCCEED! You don’t have to know everything there is to know about money. All you need to know is what matters to you and have someone you can trust and experience guide you  with your decisions.


You need the right strategies, that put the rules of the financial game on your side SO YOU CAN SUCCEED!

My name is Kevin Wenke. With over 20-years experience as a financial advisor and consider I will provide you with an experience few if any financial planners will give you…


I became a financial planner in 2003 because I felt I was always good at helping people with investing. However, something unimaginable happened to me causing me to lose everything I had back then causing me to question everything I thought I knew.


We can’t control everything that could happen to us but we can make sure we are always in a position to profit and protect what is important.


I never want you to experience the agony that comes with feeling helpless about your money; I also want you to have everything you possibly can.


My mission is to help you streamline your decision making and open up a world possibilities through simple yet innovative financial strategies for wealth-building the investment industry doesn’t care to share with you… 


They have profits to make off of you in everything they do so their goal is to make you dependent on their services to ensure THEIR PROFITS…

My Goal Is To Make You FREE!

Powerful Investment Strategies You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Less Risk, Higher Returns, Greater Income Potential!

The number one goal when Investing is for your money to make you more money. The problem is investing is an emotional part of our lives. We all tend to tie our future dreams to the performance of our investment portfolios. We want to build enough wealth so that our money will provide us with everything we need to live life the way we want and we sure as anything don’t want anything to happen which could cause our wealth to disappear. 


Yet that is one of the problems with traditional investing. When everything is going good and there isn’t any financial stress in the world, there aren’t any problems with peoples investments. They are happy looking at their statements and feel they are “building wealth…”


 However, when things start going bad and the stress gets high, everything can go bad in a hurry. They look at their investment statements and wonder if their lives are going to shatter…


In the future, I can promise there are going to be events and circumstances that are going to cause financial stress. Will it be like “The Great Recession of 2008” or will it be worse than the Great Depression in the 1930’s… I don’t know. I do know those who aren’t prepared and are using the traditional way of investing run the serious risk of experiencing Financial Ruin…

What if you could not only survive the next Stock Market Crash and Economic Crisis 

But Also Potentially Come Out Way Ahead???

The following investment strategies are exiting in that they are able to provide you with unlimited upside potential. They all provide consistent DOUBLE DIGIT RETURNS over time. In addition, they all also give you access to cash so you can take advantage of other investors negative emotions so you can “buy low” and earn extraordinary profits when the opportunity presents itself. 


To make them all even better, you NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT LOSING EVERYTHING because you will always have 80-90% of your money is CASH! How can you have so much of your wealth in CASH and still earn double digit returns to “BEAT THE MARKET” and increase your standard of living…? 


Learn more about each of these strategies below. They are sure to change your understanding about Successful Investing.

The I.N.V.E.S.T. Strategy

Learn How We Leverage The Liquidity and Protection of “One Really Safe Asset” with The Power of “One Risky Asset” to beat the marker averages over the long term.

 So Simple, yet so powerful, It’s No Wonder Big Wall Street Firms Don’t Want You Knowing About I.N.V.E.S.T.

The INVEST Strategy

The S.A.L.L.O. Strategy

All The Benefits of I.N.V.E.S.T with Added Protection.


Don’t Let Wall Street Fool You. Your Portfolio Can “Beat The Market” Taking A Lot Less Risk While a Chunk of Your Wealth Safely Positioned In a Whole Life Contract, Receiving Protection Benefits that Investing In Stocks and Bonds Just Can’t Provide…

The C.O.I.N.S Strategy

For Investors with Portfolios >$500k


Make Money In Up Markets, Down Markets and Sideways Markets. Since The Stock Market Is Like a Casino, We Position You like “The House” Because Everyone Knows, “The House Always Wins…” 

Leverage Your Wealth And Make Money The Way Wall Street Firms Do. Exploit the Market Averages to Earn Consistent Profits.

The Financial Freedom Process

Investing is one part of your overall financial picture, but there is so much more. The Financial Freedom process ties all aspects of your financial life together so that they are integrated and coordinated to create an efficient and easy to manage situation. As I mentioned in my introduction above, my goal is to make you free! My process to make that happen is The Financial Freedom Process™

Kevin's 7 Financial Tenets For Financial Fitness

These 7 Tenets Will Help You Maintain Flexability, Strength and Control Over Your Wealth...