My Belief’s and Why I Became a Financial Planner

My name is Kevin Wenke and I am on a mission to help hard-working people think differently about what they can do to achieve financial success.

I believe there is a constant war being fought for control over what you think. Billions of dollars are spent in advertising every day in an attempt to influence your behavior with the ultimate goal of separating YOU from YOUR MONEY.

Many of the strategies the financial industry promotes MIGHT help YOU achieve financial success, but they are guaranteed to help them MAXIMIZE THEIR PROFITS!


In fact, I believe the financial industry promotes strategies that place you at a disadvantage.

They encourage you to take more risks by making you feel like you are missing out. They leave you worried wondering if you could lose EVERYTHING when things don’t go as planned.

They sell investment services by showing you their past performance while having you sign a disclaimer that states “Past Performance is not a Guarantee of Future Results…” 


…and they charge enormous fees for services that don’t improve the performance of your investments or guarantee any results leaving you with less money to do the things you want to be done.


But what you want is for your money to work for you…

  1. to be in a position where you are flexible…
  2. able to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves…
  3. while being able to protect everything you have worked hard to create.

The questions I want you to ask yourself are:


“If what the financial industry is selling is so good, then why is financial success so uncommon?”


“Why do so many people work their whole lives and have so little to show for it?”


“Why are so many people worried that something could ‘come out of nowhere’ and take away everything they sacrificed to build?”


If you are searching for a new way to think about money so you can more efficiently achieve financial success, I invite you to learn more about my philosophy and how I can help you “Think Bullet Proof” and use the financial industry for EVERYTHING THEY ARE WORTH by exploiting the rules of the financial game to work for you!

Do You Want Discuss Your Situation To See How I Can Help?

Why I Became a Financial Planner

You have to know – Becoming a Financial Planner WAS NEVER A CAREER I DREAMED OF DOING BUT My Life Experiences Made It a Calling.


You see, in 2001, just before my 30th birthday, I invested all the money I had into three cell phone stores on the Space Coast of Florida. We sold Verizon, Cingular, and Sprint wireless service eventually adding computers, Dish Network, and all the accessories that go along with each. 


I even had TV commercials and sang on the radio to advertise my business offering.

I had earned that money I used to buy those stores by working hard in my 20’s, taking risks, and investing in the roaring “.com” stock market boom of the late 1990s THEN GETTING OUT before the bust happened.


You see, like a lot of successful people I had been taught since I was young that if you want to get ahead AND STAY AHEAD you have to work hard and take risks. I was taught you needed to constantly be learning and making yourself better as well.


What I didn’t understand when I took this risk was the rules of the financial game. 

I also didn’t understand how important it is to understand WHERE your sources of information were coming from.


Therefore, when I got CANCER THE FIRST TIME (yes as in I have had it more than once) in 2003, I discovered the hard way how money works. When the bank cut off the line of credit I was using to run my company after they found out “my situation had changed” I ended up losing EVERYTHING!

I also learned that all those hours of watching financial programing and reading “investment magazines” did nothing to help me understand these rules of the game either. All that content is created to “hook” the consumer and sell them products and services that make the industry money, not necessarily those consuming them.


Being forced to deal with the necessary treatment for my illness, while also being 100% BROKE, I reflected on what I could have done differently to put myself in control and keep my businesses operating, sparing myself from having to both worry about money while I was also fighting for my life.

This experience set me on a journey of questioning everything to ask “why things are the way they are.”

As I followed the money. I discovered new ways to address many of the challenges people have with money that I believe are more powerful and effective than the way the ways they financial industry promotes.


As I said, I never dreamed that one day I would be a financial planner, yet there I was to share what I discovered with those I am called to serve so they can do more with the wealth they worked so hard to create.


When I lost everything in 2003, I was only 32-years old so I was lucky I had the time, and opportunity, to ‘start over.’ However, I never want to be forced to do this again and FOR SURE never want anybody I work with to either.


Therefore, I “PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH” so when I developed Cancer A SECOND TIME in 2016 – a cancer that I statistically had a small chance of surviving – my family and I never missed a beat financially.


We had the money and resources available to travel and consult with the best doctors in the country, we had a plan where if I didn’t make it, my family would be taken care of for life.

There was no need to humble myself and set-up a “Go Fund Me” although my friends and family were all there to help as much as they could. 

This “peace of mind” of not having to worry about money allowed me to focus on fighting in an attempt to beat the odds, which I have so far so that I can be here to continue my mission and share my message with you! 


I am a financial planner because I want to share with you what I have discovered in my life’s journey so you can understand the actions you can take to accomplish more with yours.  My mission is to help you protect and grow your wealth so that you can have more today, more tomorrow and more to create a lasting legacy.


This is possible when you understand the rules of the game and know how you can exploit them so you can position yourself for success.

About This Site

I created this site so that you can get to know me. The fact of the matter is hiring a financial planner is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life so you will want to choose someone you can relax with, have fun with, share ideas with, and of course trust that they have the knowledge and skill to help you achieve more.


I think the internet is super cool as it allows me to meet and work with people all over the country (and even a few in other countries!)


So take some time to read my blogs, watch my videos, enroll in my courses and when you are ready, let’s have a 30-minute conversation about how I can help you make more with the money you have!

My resume


B.S. Biology from SUNY Fredonia (1993)

M.B.A from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (1999)

CFP and CLU – The American College (2009)


Work Experience


MetLife 2003-2009

Registered Investment Representative (Series 7) 2004

Investment Advisor Representative (Series 66) 2004

Taught Financial Planning Courses For the Company at The University of Central Florida and at NASA for employees as the Space Shuttle Program was coming to a close.


Decision Tree Financial 2009 – Present 

Founder and President



Gold Coast Professional Schools 2019 – Present

Adjunct Instructor teaching both licensing and continuing education classes to insurance agents in South and Central Florida.

Personal Life

Live between Olean New York and Orlando Florida (with frequent visits to South Florida as well.)

Married to Fatima with (4) children – Luke (’92) Tariq (’14) Leena (’16) and Yasmeen (’20)


In my spare time, I like to hike in the woods, ride my bike and go to the beach. I am a huge Foodie (my wife is an amazing cook whose family runs the best restaurant in all of Morocco –  Al-Fassia  so I am extremely spoiled.

You will find me most mornings in the gym lifting weights and shooting baskets as I will tell people my ultimate goal is to be the first 5′ 11″ 50-year old Rookie NBA All-Star Center (In reality I am shooting 35-shots and running after my misses as the ball bounces all over the gym but that isn’t a good story…)


I am a proud member of “The Bills Mafia”, a fan of Buffalo Sabres Hockey, St. Bonaventure University Bonnies and Orlando Magic Basketball, Tennessee Volunteer, and UCF Knights Football.